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Many Ways to Say GOOD

Over the weekend I was trying to come up with a sales-idea to send out to all my agents. My son happened to show me a clip, which I have included below, from a former Navy Seal (Jocko Willink, author of the bestselling book, Extreme Ownership). In this video, Jocko talks about how to say…

Life Insurance in the Post Pandemic World

Life Insurance in the Post Pandemic World

for agent use only | life insurance post pandemic by Mitch Long I hope everyone is doing well and I am excited that in North Carolina we appear to be moving in the direction of opening up the state. However, I think this experience may cause some permanent changes in how customers purchase life insurance…

Uncertainty Creates Opportunity

Uncertainty Creates Opportunity

We have a crisis on our hands. An uncertainty if you will. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made a mess of things. But that doesn’t mean opportunities don’t exist. An insurance advisor asked me yesterday if I was busy. I think he was surprised to hear that I am. The current situation in our country actually…

Principal Guaranteed Issue Term Insurance | KazSource Insurance

Principal Guaranteed Issue Term Insurance

Principal Financial Life Insurance Company has been an innovative leader in the life insurance market for years. They were an early adopter of the online life insurance application. They were one of the first to offer accelerated underwriting. And now, their newest program takes this even a step further: Principal Guaranteed Issue Term Insurance. With…

Expert Insight Into Life Insurance: Bobby Samuelson | Life Product Review

EP105 | Expert Insight into the Life Insurance Industry with Bobby Samuelson

Having passion and drive in your niche can lead to great success. In this episode, we chat with Bobby Samuelson of The Life Product Review. We discuss developing an idea for a business, the insurance industry, and finding your niche. 

The Life Product Review provides independent and objective life insurance product intelligence through podcasts and content on life insurance issues and quantitative reviews of new product offerings.

We are grateful Bobby gave us his time to have this discussion around finding your niche and the insurance industry. This podcast episode goes to show you that if you have the passion and drive for what you do, you can be successful as an entrepreneur in your field.

We are excited to feature Bobby Samuelson on the Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast. 

Perspectives on Protecting Your Business: Mitch Long| Kaz Insurance

EP082 | Perspectives on Protecting Your Business with Mitch Long

As a business owner, are you protecting your business? Our guest today is Mitch Long, an insurance advisor with KazSource Insurance Group. In this episode, we discuss the life insurance industry, the future of your business, and key people.  ——With Mitch’s experience and knowledge of the insurance industry, his understanding of planning strategies, and his ability to help advisors and consumers navigate the process of acquiring life insurance, we just had to bring Mitch back to the podcast to discuss all this and more.  We hope you enjoy the conversation with Mitch Long. 

Behind Every Client Is a Story | KazSource Insurance

Behind Every Client Is a Story

I recently met with a husband and wife about their long-term care policies. I wasn’t there to make a sale, just to assist them in reviewing a recent rate increase. The insurance agent who referred the couple provided me with the husband’s date of birth—at first I thought it must be a typo, but no, the…

Life Insurance Bit | New Trends in the Long-Term Care Market | KazSource

Life Insurance Bit | New Trends in the Long Term Care Market

Long Term Care Insurance is a major topic among many. It’s a confusing market for sure. In this life insurance bit podcast episode, Mitch Long discusses new trends in the long term care market. 

As a consumer, there is a wide range of options when it comes to long term care coverage. In this episode, Mitch explains the benefits of these new long term care products. Listen to this Life Insurance Bit to hear the newest trends in the long term care market.