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Unscripted | The Zucks Episode + dd Peckers, Recency Bias

The Mark Zuckerberg episode. Sounds ridiculous. Is it? Is the next phone call you receive the most important phone call? Is that update in your news feed life-changing? Is the new book the best book? That’s more than likely a no for all three questions, yet, here we are asking the Saviors for some saving. … Read more

KazShort | The Importance of Your LinkedIn Headline | Podcast

KazShort | The Importance of Your LinkedIn Headline

Your LinkedIn headline can lead to a conversation. In this episode, we discuss creating your LinkedIn headline. Listen to this KazShort podcast episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to get a better understanding of how your LinkedIn headline can lead to new opportunities. And how the content you share on LinkedIn relates to the first line people read about you.