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A Content Creation Journey | The Influx Podcast Featuring Eric Kasimov

EP109 | The Influx Podcast Featuring Eric Kasimov and His Content Creation Journey with Glenn Boothe

The content you create and the opportunities it makes. In this episode, The Influx Podcast and host Glenn Boothe feature KazSource and SportsEpreneur Founder, Eric Kasimov, to discuss his content creation journey. Eric shares stories about why he creates content, how he creates content, and ways to refine and adapt when it comes to content. … Read more

Scaling Your Business Through Outsourcing | John Jonas | EP Podcast

EP094 | Scaling Your Business Through Outsourcing with John Jonas

Scaling your business through outsourcing or as John likes to call it, “insourcing.” Our guest today is John Jonas, founder of which is the world’s largest and safest marketplace for finding rock star Filipino workers. In this episode, we discuss outsourcing, Filipino cultural values, and family. 


If you need some truth about scaling your business through outsourcing and what it means to work on your business, then let this conversation be your guide as I get the opportunity to ask questions to John. 

The bottom line is if you are a business leader with big ambition you need to find new ways to scale your business. 

We hope you enjoy this chat about outsourcing with John Jonas. 

I Had to Break the Box | Entrepreneur Perspectives Blog

I Had to Break the Box

People of all ages seem to love anything that comes in a box. The excitement of an Amazon box waiting for you on the porch. A gift box wrapped in great looking paper with a surprise inside just for you! Most toddlers prefer playing with the box instead of whatever comes inside. And the food … Read more