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Unscripted | No Bathroom Breaks Allowed!

Welcome to the latest episode of Saviors of the Metaverse where we explore the intersection of technology, humanity, and bathroom breaks. Today, we’re tackling the weighty issue of special ops veterans transitioning from military to civilian life, but don’t worry, we’ll also be diving into the lighter side of virtual reality, and its relationship with, … Read more

Transitioning from Military Life to Entrepreneurship with Allen Simmons

EP101 | Transitioning from Military Life to Entrepreneurship with Allen Simmons

Never Stop. Never Quit. Repeat. Allen Simmons, Author, Speaker, and Marine Corps Veteran, joins John Priore in this chat to discuss purpose, mental health, and the military lifestyle. 

We are super excited to have Allen join John Priore in our office for this special veterans day chat. Allen inspires. With his stories and experiences from his days in combat, there are many lessons you, the business leader, can take from this episode.   

As you will hear from Allen in this chat, it’s all about finding your purpose and never standing down from a battle. And we would like to thank Allen and all the veterans for serving our country. And a special thanks to Allen for sharing his story with us.  

We are excited to feature Allen Simmons on the Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast.