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The Sound of Business with Dr. Tori Ellis - Entrepreneur Perspectives

The Crossover of Hip Hop and Entrepreneurship

The Sound of Business, Hip Hop and Entrepreneurship | Dr. Tori Ellis Authenticity is everything in music and business. So, when you come across an individual that is living it, you stop and you listen. You listen to the words, the tone, the passion. The Sound of Business may be the name of a business … Read more

Saviors of the Metaverse - podcast cover

Unscripted Virtual Hot Topics | Power to the User Who Is You!

Welcome to our first-ever virtual ‘Hot Topics’ Friday! In this dynamic episode, we’re all about “Power to the User.” From deleting apps off our phones to coping with heart-wrenching sports losses (looking at you, Ohio State), we’re unpacking it all. We even dive into the unexpected world of Pinterest as a top social media choice. … Read more

Saviors of the Metaverse - podcast cover

Unscripted Flash | Sh!tty 90’s Rock Music Discussed!

A Saviors of the Metaverse “FlashBite” episode! This one goes out to all you 90s rock music lovers (and haters)! What is a Flash episode? An ode to one of our heroes. A podcast focused on hilarity (usually), digestibility, focused wisdom, speed, and brevity. All with some “saving” involved.¬†This episode is taken from one of … Read more