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Trust the Written Work with Caroline Ailanthus, author of Bifurcation Events

EP172 | Trust the Written Work with Caroline Ailanthus

In this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives, we feature Caroline Ailanthus, a novelist and fiction enthusiast. Caroline juggles her roles as an author, blogger, freelance writer, and editor. In her work, Caroline explores the themes of ecological and societal bifurcation, exploring the seismic shifts that define our times. Caroline appeared on our show in early 2023. … Read more

Altered State of Affairs | Intuition, Trust, Entrepreneurship: Jerald Kasimov's Fictional Universe

EP153 | Intuition, Trust, and Entrepreneurship: Unveiling Jerald Kasimov’s Fictional Universe in Altered State of Affairs

A special Entrepreneur Perspectives episode featuring the author of the novel, Altered State of Affairs, Jerald Kasimov. Eric’s father. Altered State of Affairs also has a podcast with the same name. You can listen to that show here. This episode is the most recent, most listened-to episode, and the one with so many entrepreneurial perspectives. … Read more