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The Strategy Addict | Look In The Rear-View Mirror | Learn From the Past

The Strategy Addict | Take a Look In The Rear-View Mirror

The Strategy Addict | “Take a Look In The Rear-View Mirror, Learn From the Past” is part of a series of articles written by Shane Snively.    They say accidents happen when you look in the rear-view mirror, and it’s true that paying too much attention to the past is a bad idea; I love … Read more

Entrepreneurial Dreams

Entrepreneurial Dreams

The access to information on becoming an entrepreneur is at an all time high. With a quick search you can find amazing articles, books and videos full of ideas, inspiration, and the exciting message that you should jump right in to the deep end with your Entrepreneurial Dreams. Except—most of us don’t want to drown. … Read more


Why You Should Take the Time to Re-Evaluate Your Work

The other day I sat down with a key person at KazSource and we had a no-interruption discussion about the state of their business. It was an evaluation of their business. We move fast day after day and often times we forget to take the time to reflect. We get caught up in putting out fires, … Read more