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Enjoying the Prospecting Process | Eric Kasimov and James Pagano

EP093 | Enjoying the Process of Prospecting

“If you don’t get out, you’re not getting work done.” There’s a lot of negative that is associated with sales and prospecting.  Allow two experienced sales professionals that both own their business (one in marketing and insurance and the other in business coaching) help you understand what to think about when it comes to prospecting and sales in general.


If you need some truth about networking, prospecting, and activity in general, let this conversation be your guide as Eric get the opportunity to ask questions to James Pagano. A well-known and well-respected leader and business coach. 

The bottom line is if you are a business leader or sales professional with value to offer you need to find a new way to engage with more people in a genuine way.  

We hope you enjoy this chat about prospecting with both Eric Kasimov of KazSource and James Pagano of The Growth Coach.