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Saviors of the Metaverse 6 | Education Problems & Talking Habits

Unscripted | Education Problems & Talking Habits

As Jared says, “silence terrifies me.” So we’re back with another long-form podcast conversation- curated for you, and of course, unscripted. This episode is all about education problems, talking habits, and so much more… Saviors of the Metaverse 6 Topics | Education Problems & Talking Habits – New Coke & The Pepsi Challange – “That’s … Read more

Business Leaders Who Matter To Me | EP Blog | Ryan Holiday

Business Leaders Who Matter To Me: Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday, author, speaker, mentor Over the past eight years, I have sought mentors from books and podcasts. I’m not sure I knew I was doing that in the beginning, but looking back, I was always looking for people I could learn from. I’ve never met most of these people—they’re not mentors in that sense—but … Read more