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NFT Opportunities | Jordan Michael Schuster | KazSource Podcast

Out There, a Podcast Series | NFT Opportunities | Jordan Michael Schuster

In this NFT Opportunities episode, I chat with Jordan Michael Schuester, an entrepreneur, leader, and changemaker in the NFT space. Jordan’s projects include Expaaand, Probably Nxthing, and Snacktually. I came across Jordan’s content in the Trends Community on Facebook. He was dropping ridiculously insightful posts about NFTs. They not only captivated me but much of … Read more

10 Ways to Prevent Confidential Information From Being Hacked

Are you worried that your confidential information might be hacked? You should be. Government servers and private companies alike face an almost constant threat. TalkTalk allowed access to the confidential details of 150,000 customers, the Ashley Madison dating site had many of its client profiles leaked, and Anthem, one of the nation’s largest health insurers, … Read more