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Saviors of the Metaverse - podcast cover

SOM | No Bathroom Breaks Allowed!

Welcome to the latest episode of Saviors of the Metaverse where we explore the intersection of technology, humanity, and bathroom breaks. Today, we’re tackling the weighty issue of special ops veterans transitioning from military to civilian life, but don’t worry, we’ll also be diving into the lighter side of virtual reality, and its relationship with, … Read more

Saviors of the Metaverse - podcast cover

SOM | Simultaneously Sipping Coffee With Our New Friend ChatGPT

There’s no better way to kick off 2023 than having a coffee with your friend and listening to a Saviors of the Metaverse podcast. According to our hosts, this episode is dark (but not really–I mean it is Saviors of the Metaverse after all!). They talk about vices like alcoholism and smoking, normalizing isolation due … Read more

Saviors of the Metaverse - podcast cover

SOM | Simulation Theory and Living for “Friday”

It’s Friday, Friday! Well, maybe when you listen to this episode it’s Tuesday or Sunday, or another day. There are seven of them after all and each day is a good day to listen to this episode. Whatever day you listen, is a day we can sing Jared’s favorite song, “Friday” by Rebecca Black. However, … Read more