Perspectives on Using Social Media to Open Doors | EP Podcast

EP071: Perspectives on Using Social Media to Open Doors

How will you tell your story? This is a mashup episode featuring Alan Major, Harvey Hargrove, Brady Murray, and myself.   

In this episode we discuss stories, pursuing your passions, and more stories. 

Alan, Harvey, and Brady have all been featured on previous episodes.

KazShort Podcast | The Social Media Decision | KazCM

KazShort | The Social Media Decision

What social media networks should your business be on? In this episode, Eric discusses how you need to think about social media marketing for your business and specifically how to decide what networks to actually be on–the social media decision.

It’s about understanding your target market–and where they are. Not necessarily where you are. We also wrote an article on this topic. You can check that out on

Listen to this KazShort podcast episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to get a better understanding of creating clarity around the social media decision for your business.