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Rob Cressy

EP113 | Bringing Energy to Content Creation with Rob Cressy

A sports and business content creation discussion with the enthusiastic Rob Cressy. Come join us on this episode full of positivity and energy as Eric Kasimov chats with Rob Cressy of Bacon Sports to discuss unique relationship building, how content helps drive new business and the podcasting-LinkedIn combination. Key takeaway: content, marketing, and relationship building … Read more

David Meltzer | Positively Impacting Lives | Entrepreneur Perspectives

EP112 | Positively Impacting Lives with David Meltzer

A self-betterment discussion with the inspirational David Meltzer. Come along this self-betterment journey as Eric Kasimov chats with David Meltzer, speaker, author, entrepreneur, and Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing. David and Eric explore what happy means to David, how David dealt with losing everything, and how to overcome challenges, including the coronavirus pandemic the world is dealing … Read more