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Unscripted Virtual Hot Topics | Power to the User Who Is You!

Welcome to our first-ever virtual ‘Hot Topics’ Friday! In this dynamic episode, we’re all about “Power to the User.” From deleting apps off our phones to coping with heart-wrenching sports losses (looking at you, Ohio State), we’re unpacking it all. We even dive into the unexpected world of Pinterest as a top social media choice. … Read more

Sports Science Startup AIM7 | Dr. Erik Korem

EP160 | Sports Science Startup AIM7 | Dr. Erik Korem

A podcast episode focused on a sports science startup. It’s all about the founder’s path which includes being bullied as a kid, how football changed his life, reflecting on a coaching change playing college football at Texas A&M, working in sports science for the Houston Texans, discovering incredible sports technology for the NFL, and founding … Read more

Thad Matta | College Basketball Leadership Stories | KazSource | Entrepreneur Perspectives

Essentials | Sports & Entrepreneurship | Thad Matta | College Basketball Leadership Stories

The moment that changed everything. A basketball game. A winning shot. Even though no trophies were won, that moment changed the direction of the Ohio State basketball program and its leader. In this episode, we feature Thad Matta, the winningest basketball coach in Ohio State Buckeye history. This is a SportsEpreneur original episode from the … Read more

Transitioning from the Sports World to the Business World | EP

EP104 | Transitioning from the Sports World to the Business World

Transitioning from the sports world to business can be tough for many athletes. Luckily, we are here to help! This SportsEpreneur style episode features the stories of former athletes that have made the transition from sports to business. 

This special sports and business episode features 3 guests: 

Sean Farrell of QDS and former professional baseball player. 

Grant Wiley of VEEPIO and former all American linebacker at West Virginia University. 

Alex Roberts of FranChoice and former professional hockey player and coach. 

In this episode we discuss business lessons from pro baseball, evolving the sports formula to business, and the pain of leaving sports for business. 

If you know anything about us at KazSource, you know that we love taking lessons from the sports world and apply them to business. These guests do a great job of applying lessons learned from their playing days to the transition they went through in their business careers. As a business professional, you can take these lessons from former athletes and apply them to all aspects of your life.

We are excited to feature Sean, Grant, and Alex on the Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast. 

Perspectives from a Sports Memorabilia Collector: Ken Schmidt

EP077: Perspectives from a Sports Memorabilia Collector with Ken Schmidt

Turning a hobby into a business. Our guest today is Ken Schmidt, owner of Charlotte Sports Collectibles, which specializes in catering to memories and memorabilia through multiple channels including sports cards and hobby supplies. 

In this episode, we discuss sports memorabilia, corporate world to entrepreneurship, and the impact of technology on the collectibles. 


Ken developed his passion for card collecting throughout his childhood but always wanted to open his own shop.  The corporate grind was a major factor in turning his passion into a reality.  His path provides inspiration to those forging ahead in life and business. 

We hope you enjoy the conversation with Ken Schmidt.