Perspectives from KazSource Founder Eric Kasimov | EP Podcast

Perspectives from KazSource Founder Eric Kasimov

Building and protecting your businesses. In this episode, Eric Kasimov, founder of KazSource, tells the story of how KazSource came to be, what KazSource has become, and the vision for the future of KazSource. We hope the story behind our business provides valuable insight and gives you, the entrepreneur, a better idea of what we do in our business. With a passion for helping entrepreneur’s build a protect their business, we hope you enjoy this episode with Eric Kasimov. 


Story: A Note Left Behind

Stories are at the heart of life insurance. We have all heard touching and tragic stories as it relates to life insurance. This story comes from an agent affiliated with our group. A client of his was buying a life insurance policy and had a need for $1,000,000. The client felt $500,000 would be adequate. After being educated on why the need was…