Focusing on the HOW with Charles Leichtweis | Entrepreneur Perspectives

EP099 | Focusing on the HOW with Charles Leichtweis

The master of the how. Charles Leichtweis, founder of Experts in How, joins Eric Kasimov in this chat to discuss the How. 

As Charles says, The Why and the What are critical for success, the How validates and aligns those two elements to create sustainable, profitable growth. 

With Charles’ vast experience in the C-suite world, there’s so much you, the business leader, can learn from the master of how.  

We are excited to feature Charles Leichtweis on the Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast. 

Perspectives on Business Operations: Bruce Snell | EP Podcast

EP085 | Perspectives on Business Operations with Bruce Snell

Breaking through the barriers to quality. Our guest today is Bruce Snell, President of BSG International.  In this episode we discuss fundamentals, helping others, and football in the south. ——Bruce Snell understands business operations. We’ve spent quite a bit of time with Bruce and knew we had to have him on the podcast as he has so much to offer business leaders.  He gives in so many ways- he does one on one consulting, he works with companies of many sizes, he has his book Breaking Through the Four Barriers of Quality, and he has an online course—all of it provides an awareness of operational processes – he trains, develops, and applies. Bottom line is Bruce and BSG International can help your business.  Bruce’s examples of breaking through barriers in life and business were on full display in our chat. His success in business has us so excited to feature him on this podcast.  We hope you enjoy this episode with Bruce Snell. 

The Artificial Why | Entrepreneur Perspectives Guest Blog

The Artificial Why

Eric has talked about the importance of finding your why, and even discussed how to motivate yourself by triggering your why. And he’s right—staying focused on the reason you’re working so hard is absolutely crucial. But what do you do when your why isn’t enough? I’m not talking about whys that are themselves weak. Like,…

fake it - don't fake it | Entrepreneur Perspectives Blog - The Strategy Addict

The Strategy Addict | Don’t Fake It

The Strategy Addict is a series of articles written by Shane Snively.   FLIP THE TACTICS  The “fake it before you make it” approach being propagated by business marketing gurus is misleading, and, dare I say, UNETHICAL. Declaring you have done something or misrepresenting your products or capabilities is lying. Lying is the first step in a…