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The Artificial Why | Entrepreneur Perspectives Guest Blog

The Artificial Why

Eric has talked about the importance of finding your why, and even discussed how to motivate yourself by triggering your why. And he’s right—staying focused on the reason you’re working so hard is absolutely crucial. But what do you do when your why isn’t enough? I’m not talking about whys that are themselves weak. Like, … Read more

Slow? Speed Up! Efficiency Wins | Entrepreneur Perspectives | Charlotte, NC

Slow? Speed Up!

Something slowing you down? Do all you can to change it and speed it up! Because Efficiency Wins. I’m waiting for the website to load. It’s taking too long. Not the normal two-second delay, but a many-second delay. It’s annoying. It’s not ruining my day or anything, but it’s becoming a distraction. And distractions are … Read more

What To Do | Entrepreneur Perspectives Blog Productivity

What To Do

I have this list of things to do. And that list. Oh and here’s another list. And I just remembered a few more things I have to take care of. I love productivity, but this, this I hate, ‘cause it’s not productive—at all. What to do: 1. Realize I will not accomplish all on this … Read more

Respect Other Peoples Time

Respect Other Peoples Time

It seems so obvious. Yet many people only respect their own time. They ask you to do something only to not really want it. They call you when it works for them and expect all your time and attention. Imagine if they respected your time—what they would get. You would be more willing to give. … Read more


Routine: Run Your Day Instead of It Running You

There is a routine I have followed consistently over many years. I call it coffee time. Four or five days a week, from 7:30 AM to sometime around 9, you can find me at Panera Bread, on my computer, working. I don’t just work on anything. I use this time specifically to really dive into … Read more