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Perspectives on Innovating the Watersports Industry: Drew Bartek

EP075: Perspectives on Innovating the Watersports Industry with Drew Bartek

Staying ahead of the wave. Our guest today is Drew Bartek, CFO at Groove Watersports, maker of the worlds first impact vest with speakers.  

In this episode we discuss a product launch, scaling a startup, and turning your passion into a profession.  


Drew is originally from Nebraska and went to the University of Nebraska. He currently resides in Charlotte, NC. 

In his role with Groove Watersports, Drew is responsible for sales and finance. 

Drew learned all about entrepreneurship from his mom who was an athlete and restaurateur. That prepared him for the journey he is currently embarking on today at Groove Watersports.  His path provides inspiration to those forging ahead into unchartered waters in life and business.  And with so much to talk about…let’s get right into this episode and welcome, Drew Bartek.