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Strategy Addict - Shane Snively

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Shane Snively is The Strategy Addict. He delivers insights and strategies through content. From his mind. For your business.
Shane-Snively | The Strategy Addict

The Strategy Addict | A Day in the Life

So, here I’ve highlighted the roles I (The Strategy Addict) play on a daily basis. You’ll see it’s a lot. My guess is you are doing a lot of these things as well, so let’s stop and take some credit for our accomplishments and be thankful for the opportunities to have these accomplishments. First and

The Strategy Addict | Look In The Rear-View Mirror | Learn From the Past

The Strategy Addict | Take a Look In The Rear-View Mirror

The Strategy Addict | “Take a Look In The Rear-View Mirror, Learn From the Past” is part of a series of articles written by Shane Snively.    They say accidents happen when you look in the rear-view mirror, and it’s true that paying too much attention to the past is a bad idea; I love

The Strategy Addict: Sharing Add-In | Entrepreneur Perspectives Blog

The Strategy Addict | Sharing Add-In

The Strategy Addict is a series of articles written by Shane Snively.    CHANGE OF PLANS First, a quick thank you to ALL THE READERS for the positive feedback from my last blog post, “Sharing Is a Value System.” Many people asked me to elaborate on certain aspects of that article, so here I go,

The Strategy Addict: Sharing = More | Entrepreneur Perspectives

The Strategy Addict | Sharing = More

The Strategy Addict is a series of articles written by Shane Snively.  SHARING IS A VALUE SYSTEM  In last week’s blog post “DON’T FAKE IT,” we discussed a better paradigm established on building a reputation of trust and honesty. Here we take reputation-building further by discussing the effect of sharing as much as you can

Shane-Snively | The Strategy Addict

EP056: Perspectives on Marketing, Sales, and Disruption with Shane Snively

Bringing the passion to your job is very important. Our guest today is Shane Snively. Shane is the COO of KazSource, Inc. 

Shane is also the owner of AWA and Chestnut Family Practice, and more than anything he dives in deep with all the clients he works with. Because of his experience, he is a wealth of knowledge. 

This episode features the best of our first episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives with Shane Snively.

In this episode we discuss marketing in 2018 and beyond, the state of sales, and disruption.  

With Shane’s compelling stories from his start in sales to building his business, we are excited to share Shane’s story with you. 

fake it - don't fake it | Entrepreneur Perspectives Blog - The Strategy Addict

The Strategy Addict | Don’t Fake It

The Strategy Addict is a series of articles written by Shane Snively.   FLIP THE TACTICS  The “fake it before you make it” approach being propagated by business marketing gurus is misleading, and, dare I say, UNETHICAL. Declaring you have done something or misrepresenting your products or capabilities is lying. Lying is the first step in a

Mindy Ladd's Never Give Up Story!

Mindy Ladd’s Never Give Up Story!

Double Lung Transplant Survivor: Cystic Fibrosis  I am so proud of my sister, she is a fighter.  A hospital said “You are not going to get a lung transplant, you are not a good candidate, your too sick.”   She did not listen, she kept praying, kept looking, kept pushing, kept reaching out until she found a hospital

Shane-Snively | The Strategy Addict

EP001: Perspectives of a Relevant Business Owner with Shane Snively

First episode! Get inspired to make business happen. Eric welcomes Shane Snively of Abiding Wealth Advisors, KazSource, Inc and Chestnut Family Practice to this first ever episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. With Shane’s involvement in KazSource from day one, we couldn’t think of a better first guest! Shane makes his mark by developing businesses and creating strategies for his companies and those he works with. In this episode they talk about selling the Glengarry Glen Ross style, running multiple businesses, and The Ohio State University Buckeyes.

Shane provides unique insights on the current state of business. This first podcast episode is full of vital information and is a must listen for everyone, from up and coming entrepreneurs to owners looking for exits. For the business owner, learning how to stay relevant in 2017 is a must and Shane talks about how you can do just that. Shane provides examples from his time in the Air Force to his time growing multiple businesses.

Eric also questions Shane on if social media tools are being taken advantage of by 50 to 60 year old professionals and if the days of hiding inside of a business are over.

Business Discernment: Backing out of a deal

Business Discernment: Backing out of a deal

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] I think we all have been at the closing table and our hands get a little sweaty, heart rate starts climbing, you start second guessing your decision, even possibly after weeks or months of research. Something does not feel right? It is just a little off, so you decide not go forward, potentially getting

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Finding Your Perfect Fit

I wanted to say a quick thank you to Eric Kasimov, Elizabeth Mujal, Loring Williams, Mitch Long, David Clark, Kyle Green, Kav Tucker, and Luke Kaplan and the entire team at KazSource for giving me this opportunity to be a part of such an amazing team and to serve as Chief Operations Officer.  WHY KAZSOURCE

Protecting Company Foundations

Lots of people argue on why the bridges back in the day were covered, I think the most logical reason, is that the trusses of the bridge needed to be protected from all the weather, rain, ice, snow, the sun, and wind. The average shelf life of a bridge uncovered was 10 years, by covering

What I Learned by Watching Bob Villa?

What I Learned by Watching Bob Villa?

I grew up watching Bob Villa, This Old House, and occasionally see him doing an interview. It was so amazing watching these renovations start and finish over 3 or 4 episodes some longer, if you are not a fan, he would take some of the most pathetic looking homes you have ever seen, and when


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