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We Aren’t Here to Sell You

Every so often, I like to remind readers that people in the life insurance industry are not evil.


Yes, agents need to make a living, but it’s not like we’re just in a hurry to make a buck on your intimations of mortality. Last year, I posted an article titled “But What If,” as in what if the insurance agent wants what is best for you? Hint: sometimes he or she does.


Now I want to explore that in a little more depth—what if we’re encouraging you to buy quickly, not because we’re trying to take advantage, but just because we don’t want to see you do something stupid?


I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve seen people lose out on coverage because they (or their team of “value providers”) stretched out the purchase process too long. The future is uncertain. When you are offered a good insurance policy, every second you do not take advantage of the offer is another second you risk getting nothing.


Look, I have zero interest in pushing you to buy something you don’t want. I’d rather talk business, sports, or maybe the two combined (I write a blog where I do just that!). Or perhaps we can talk about the kids. Or go out to break bread and have a drink together. I’m not the guy who’s going to show up and start every conversation with a new acquaintance, “so, how’s your insurance plan?” Maybe I should sell aggressively, but it’s just not me. People who know me know what I do, and when they’re ready to think about the future, they know where to find me. I’m happy to educate. Let me say that again: I am happy to educate you. What you do with the education is up to you.


So let me provide some education right now:


When you are thinking about applying for life insurance—do it.
When you are in the process of buying life insurance—move fast.
When a quality offer of life insurance comes out, one based on facts (not your pie in the sky)—buy it.


If you don’t, maybe you will be lucky. You’ll just get insurance later and everything will be alright, except you’ll be older, so the same coverage will probably cost more.


Or maybe you’ll run out of “later.” Your family will get nothing. But hey, at least you got to send that pesky insurance agent packing.


Do what makes sense to you. But know your options and the facts about life insurance. If you’re making well-informed decisions you’re comfortable with, well, that’s important to me.