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Unscripted | It’s Time to Call Yourself Out!

It’s time for some “saving”! In this episode, our (this really has nothing to do with the Metaverse) co-hosts” save you from yourself. That’s right. It’s time to call out not only that ridiculous statement from your friend (or ahem, co-host), but also on yourself. Yes, you heard us. Say something, maybe even believe it, and then think, you know what, no, I’m calling myself out on that one! It’s okay. You are allowed to be wrong, you are allowed to change your mind, and you are allowed to correct yourself. You simply cannot know it all. So do it, call yourself out. It’s freeing. It’s refreshing. And it’s the right thing to do. You’re welcome!

Also in this epic episode, we discuss:

  • Rick Rubin and Pharrell getting deep
  • The terrorist attack on Israel
  • What’s real vs what’s not real
  • The future of families
  • The crazy growth of Charlotte
  • Jared only flies First Class
  • YouTube Premium
And now, connect with your favorite and least favorite co-hosts: