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College of Charleston | Higher Ed Stories from CofC with Seaton Brown

EP108 | Higher Ed Stories from the College of Charleston with Seaton Brown

“The story untold could be the one that kills you.” -Pat Conroy. In this episode, we chat with Seaton Brown, Director of MBA Admissions at the College of Charleston (CofC). We discuss higher education, emotional content, and Charleston, South Carolina. 

As an alumnus of the College of Charleston, this episode is near and dear to Eric’s heart.

Seaton Brown earned his bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Hospitality & Tourism Management from the College of Charleston in 2009. He currently serves as the Director of Admissions for the one-year MBA at CofC, leading the efforts to recruit and enroll students into the full-time, accelerated program.

What originally caught Eric’s attention is a LinkedIn post by Seaton Brown. In this simple post, Seaton was attempting to connect a current CofC MBA student with an employer in the Chicago area. It became obvious that Seaton’s posts and content on LinkedIn were all about giving and sharing–and if you follow our podcast, you know that’s what content marketing is all about.

With Eric’s many connections to the low country and CofC, along with the interest in the future of higher education, a long-form podcast chat with a leader in this space became the platform to talk through these topics and more.

Enjoy Seaton Brown’s Higher Education stories from the College of Charleston in this episode of the Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast. 


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