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Content Marketing Series: About Long-Form Podcast Conversations

There is so much to talk about when it comes to podcasting. In this episode, the co-hosts of the Unscripted podcast series take on the topics of:

What Makes a Good Podcast Guest

Long-Form Podcast Conversations

This episode first originated on Unscripted. You can listen to the full long-form conversation here:

Podcasting, Iterating, Joe Rogan, Josh Allen, Cleveland Browns, CLT

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This episode was produced by the team at KazCM

Long-form podcast conversations were first seen as not having a chance. Who has the attention span for a one-, two-, or three-hour conversation? Turns out a lot of people. Podcasts that fit this genre include The Joe Rogan Experience, Lex Fridman Podcast, Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, The Tim Ferris Show, Saviors of the Metaverse, Huberman Lab, Modern Wisdom, and many more. The list is growing. That doesn’t mean short-form content like TikTok, under 10-minute podcast episodes, YouTube Shorts, and X “tweets” won’t work. The thing is, there’s a capacity and a desire for all of the above. Sometimes, short-form content is a gateway for long-form podcast conversations. So if you hear someone say the content you create or listen to needs to be 30 minutes or 40 minutes, tell them to go watch the movie Bohemian Rhapsody and specifically the scene with Mike Myers talking about formulas and “Freddie Mercury” basically telling him to shove it! The point is, it can all work…if it is good.