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Content Marketing Podcast Series on Entrepreneur a KazSource production

Content Marketing Series: Content Production Return on Investment

In this Content Marketing Series episode, the founder of a national landscape/tech company talks about how your content production return on investment (ROI) is not as simple as breaking out your Apple iPhone calculator and adding up and subtracting a few numbers. In fact, as this founder says, you can’t always close the loop on your ROI.

Your benefit on your Content Production Return on Investment might be in the form of personal gain. It might be an indirect relationship formed. It might be the opportunity it generates. It might be the goodwill created. It might be a client or employee retention benefit. It might be a recruiting tool. It might be fun. And yes, it might even be a leading sales driver.

In this episode, you will hear the line: “You are either contracting or expanding, and sharing my philosophy, beliefs, and strategies on podcasts keeps me closer to the point of expansion.”

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