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Content Marketing Series: Transcending Metrics

In this Content Marketing Series episode on transcending metrics, we hear about the profound impact that podcasts can have on individuals’ lives, far beyond entertainment or education. This individual found solace and transformation in podcasts during a critical period of his life. We explore the resonance of shared experiences and the power of storytelling. The encounter with a podcast episode that mirrored this individual’s own struggles with social anxiety and suicidal thoughts highlights the unexpected ways in which content can touch lives. This episode reflects on the broader implications of audio content, including podcasts and audiobooks, and their potential to offer hope, foster connection, and even save lives. It’s a testament to the value of creating and consuming content with the potential to impact profoundly, reminding us that the true return on content can transcend any measurable metric.

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More about this episode:

The guest, Mark Metry, shares a story of listening to The Tim Ferris Show when Tim Ferris talked about being suicidal in college — Mark, at the time he heard that story, was suicidal in college. Listening to this episode and thousands more changed Mark’s life — saved Mark’s life.

Sometimes, you don’t know how the content you consume will impact you–or how the content you create will impact someone else. It’s simply not all about the return you can spreadsheet. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with the return. And sometimes, the return is far greater than anything you could have ever imagined!