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Danny Nessim | PEO Discussion, Origin Stories, and Soccer

EP120 | PEO Discussion, Origin Stories, and Soccer with Danny Nessim

Way more than just a PEO discussion. In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Danny Nessim, Founder & Owner of A&C Management, a boutique PEO and Insurance Brokerage Firm. 

Eric and Danny connect on stories of family members that dealt with persecution in Europe in the early-mid 1900s, their kids playing soccer, and an educational conversation around benefits and health insurance. They specifically get into Danny’s expertise with PEO’s (Professional Employer Organization).

Danny’s knowledge and experience in the PEO world make this essential listening for anyone running or working at a small to medium-size business. 

This episode is now published proof that you never know who you will encounter on the path to better content. Danny Nessim’s team had reached out to us about being on the Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast. And we for sure knew the information around PEO’s would be useful, but I did not know how this conversation would start and the directions it would take. Learning about Danny’s time in France and Israel, the story of his mother and grandmother during World War II, and the times spent on the soccer field reminded me how educational, inspirational, and important these podcast conversations are. I’m grateful to Danny for his time, experience, and stories. All of that to say, this is a major reason why I am so into podcasting.

We hope you enjoy this episode titled, “PEO Discussion, Origin Stories, and Soccer with Danny Nessim” on the Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast. 


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