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The Art of Delegation with Tonya Thomas | EPONE Podcast

EPONE | The Art of Delegation with Tonya Thomas

Much of what happens in business is an art form. And delegation absolutely is an art form. Delegation is not easy and there is no one way. It takes awareness, practice, habits, and growth. So we hope this episode is a step towards helping you create the freedom you need to take a positive step in your business. Tonya Thomas is the founder of Team Delegate so she makes the perfect guest on this focused EP conversation all about delegation.

This is an EPONE episode. EPONE is a short-form style podcast episode where we focus on one specific topic. In this EPONE episode, the focus is on delegation. 

Team Delegate started in 2001. They are a virtual assistant company and they work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals who are struggling to stay organized and are swimming in administrative overwhelm. 

Thank you to Tonya for showcasing her delegation insights on this EPONE episode about the art of delegation.

The Art of Delegation with Tonya Thomas | EPONE

Having a Minimalist Mindset

Where to Start with Delegation

The Psychology of Delegation

The Importance of Having Awareness

Delegation is Not Easy — That’s Why We Say The Art of Delegation

How Much Should You Delegate?

Who Should Delegate?

Thinking About Deleting Unnecessary Tasks (DELETE!!)


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