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Eric Z Yang Talks College, Starting a Podcast, and Virtual Summits | EP

EP119 | Eric Z. Yang Talks College, Starting a Podcast, and Virtual Summits

Our guest, Eric Z Yang, says Forget College — well, that’s almost the name of his podcast at least. He went the non-traditional route towards entrepreneurship and we talk about that and more in this episode. Eric Z Yang is the founder of Lead Next Gen, a virtual summit leader, and host of a College Podcast. 

The two Eric’s discuss why college isn’t for everyone, why you should have a podcast and what the podcast could be about, community college, and hosting a successful virtual summit.

Born and raised in Paris, France, Eric Z Yang built his first business at age 20 by hosting in-person conferences for leaders and entrepreneurs under the age of 30–and dropped out of school right after.

Today, Eric Z partners with large companies and influencers to build virtual summits that systematically generate peak authority and leads for their businesses. At the same time, he teaches young entrepreneurs how to get paid to learn from industry experts.

Thank you to Eric Z. Yang for sharing his energy, ideas, and opinions.

We hope you enjoy this episode titled, “Eric Z. Yang Talks College, Starting a Podcast, and Virtual Summits” on the Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast. 


Before talking, Eric Z. Yang took the time to research me. He researched our brands, our content, and our company. And he came to the conversation with energy and questions of his own. He was exploring. 

He even gave me ideas to explore with my kids. 

The point is, podcasting has provided opportunities to have amazing conversations with people near and far (Eric Z was in Bangkok when we spoke). 

I’m not saying you absolutely should have a podcast. But I am saying if you want to explore, discover, learn, better yourself, grow your business, meet new people, communicate, and so much more then I am saying you should strongly consider having your own podcast. 

Yeah, we do podcast production so you can say I’m biased or pitching, but this isn’t about that. It’s advice from experience. Like the experience I had with my guest, Eric Z. Yang. 



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