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EP130 | Exploring FreshBooks with Co-Founder Mike McDerment

EP130 | Exploring FreshBooks with Co-Founder Mike McDerment

Put yourself on the couch for this conversation and prepare to explore the entrepreneurial journey. Mike McDerment, the co-founder of Freshbooks, joins Eric Kasimov on this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to discuss pivoting, exploring, and learning.

FreshBooks is considered by many the number one accounting software in the cloud, designed exclusively for freelancers and growing service-based business owners.  

Mike gives us the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur and everything that comes with it. He tells his story of growing FreshBooks from his parent’s basement to leading a business used by over 24 million people. But it’s the experiences that Mike shares where this episode allows Mike, Eric, and the listener to explore their work. The headlines below provide the outline to know what directions this episode will take you and the conversation is where you will discover much that you can use in your business and life. Enjoy the episode and enjoy the journey–the entrepreneurial journey.

Thank you to Mike McDerment for showcasing the FreshBooks way on this episode titled, “Exploring FreshBooks with Co-Founder Mike McDerment.”

Headlines from the Conversation with Mike McDerment

Change in Business is Inevitable

The Rational Mind

Execute on Extraordinary Experiences

Exploration is the Entrepreneurial Journey

The FreshBooks Origin Story by Mike McDerment

Invoicing Clients as a Small Business Owner

Hiring for Your Business can be Terrifying

Entrepreneurship is Not for Everyone, Which is Okay

Shared Values and Alignment

Discovery in Business Through Blogging and Podcasting

Podcasts are Soul Food for Entrepreneurs

Mike McDerment Says There’s No Failure, Only Learning

Develop Competence in Your Work


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