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Jeff Gaura | Going Beyond Your Threshold with Jeff Gaura | EP Podcast

EP125 | Going Beyond Your Threshold with Jeff Gaura

“No one gets better without structured efforts at or above Threshold.” – Jeff Gaura

In this episode, we chat with Jeff Gaura, coach, trainer, and founder of Threshold Academy. We discuss Jeff’s stories on crossing his threshold, the power of writing, and a traumatic wreck that changed Jeff’s life. 

Jeff knows that he will never “arrive” at the perfect diet and fitness regimen, but he is open to telling you of his journey and to hear about yours.

As a published author, Jeff released his book on October 20, 2020, “Behind the Secrets in the Fall of Jerusalem“.

As an energetic influencer to entrepreneurs, Jeff (and his Threshold Academy team) transform lives by challenging perceived limits and conquering them. And we’re excited to be able to feature Jeff on the Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast.


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