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Joe Cantanucci | A Paradigm Shift & Content Creation | MassMutual CD

EP126 | Paradigm Shifts and Content Creation with Joe Cantanucci of MassMutual Capitol District

“I get knocked down on a daily basis. But if you’re not a little unsure, anxious, or nervous, you are not living up to your full potential” – Joe Cantanucci

In this episode, we feature, Joe Cantanucci, Managing Partner at MassMutual Capitol District in Washington DC. 

In full disclosure, Joe and his team are a client of our content marketing company, KazCM 

Creating content with Joe is an incredible collaboration as Joe shares stories, experiences, leadership, and most of all a willingness to just start. From starting a MassMutual office in San Francisco, to a new start in DC, to starting in on content creation, Joe is a visionary, a creative, and a leader by example. 

As a leader to advisors, staff, and entrepreneurs, Joe (and his MassMutual Capitol District team) is all about making an impact on those around him. And we’re excited to be able to feature Joe on the Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast. And remember, just get started.


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