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John Warrillow | Be the Parent of Your Company | Built to Sell

EP135 | Be the Parent of Your Company with John Warrillow

Build a business that can thrive without you. That’s the essence of John Warrillow’s famous book, “Built to Sell” — and this podcast episode. There are many layers to building a business that can function without the founder — we take it on in this episode.

In this conversation, Eric Kasimov chats with author and entrepreneur John Warrillow. John, as mentioned, is the author of the book “Built to Sell”. Eric and John have an introspective conversation that drives home the idea which John shares in the episode — the idea of becoming the parent of your company.

“Built to Sell” was one of the early books Eric read when starting KazSource. He thinks about it often. And to have the opportunity to talk with the author…it’s an honor.

John Warrillow is also the founder of The Value Builder System™, a simple software for building the value of a company.

His book “Built to Sell” was recognized by both Fortune and Inc magazines as one of the best business books of 2011 and it absolutely is a must-read for business owners a decade later. John’s newest book, “The Art of Selling Your Business” which came out in 2021 is available on Amazon. John is also the host of the podcast Built to Sell Radio.

Learn more about John and his content by visiting his platform HERE which is a unique experience specifically for Entrepreneur Perspectives listeners.

Headlines: Be the Parent of Your Company with John Warrillow | EP Podcast

John Warrillow’s book, “Built to Sell”

The Psychological Journey of Selling Your Company

The Power of Mindset

Freedom in Business

Offering Too Many Products and Services

The Parent of Your Company

The Path to Better Content

Why Create Content?

Create Recurring Revenue

Showcasing Your Value From the Start

Making Service Tangible and Real


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