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linh podetti | outsourcing as an entrepreneur

EP131 | The Need For Outsourcing as an Entrepreneur with Linh Podetti

As an entrepreneur, outsourcing can open doors for you to work on your business rather than just in your business- this is a conversation all about outsourcing as an entrepreneur. Linh Podetti, the CEO and Founder of Outsourcing Angel joins Eric Kasimov on this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to discuss surrendering, making outsourcing easy, and content creation.

Outsourcing Angel is an Australian-based offshore recruitment agency that specializes in providing premium Virtual Assistants from the Philippines to companies around the world including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and Dubai. Simply put, their goal is to make outsourcing easy.

We’ve all been told to delegate. It’s easier said than done. And it’s a struggle for many. But why and how do we delegate and why do we struggle with it. This conversation gets inside the mind of an outsourcing leader that has made delegation a key component of their business–and now yours. As you know, it’s never just the finished product that makes the difference–it’s what is behind the person that tells the story here. And Linh Podetti is here to share those stories in this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives.

Linh is a mom, a mentor, a show host, and an absolute blast to have a conversation with. Thank you to Linh for showcasing her energy and drive on this episode titled, “Exploring FreshBooks with Co-Founder Linh Podetti.”

The Need For Outsourcing as an Entrepreneur with Linh Podetti

Working is Not Just About The Money

Surrender The Outcome

Acting and Business

How You Can Create Your Own Show

Structuring Your Day

The Importance of Balance

The Need for Outsourcing as an Entrepreneur

Building Trust in Outsourcing

The Learning Opportunities as an Entrepreneur Outsourcing


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