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Lisa Song Sutton on Entrepreneur Perspectives | Empowering Women

EP134 | Empowering Women with Lisa Song Sutton

Get involved and make your voice heard. In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Lisa Song Sutton, an entrepreneur, real estate investor, former Miss Nevada, and a former Congressional Candidate. This conversation is all about having a platform, getting involved, and the mental health side of entrepreneurship.

Lisa sums it up clearly when she gives advice to our daughters: “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Simply put, find a way.

Lisa’s entrepreneurial spirit is obvious which she showcases in her companies, Sin City Cupcakes, Ship Las Vegas, and Elite Homes.

She is an avid encourager, coach, and mentor to people, especially women, to take a seat at the table and make their voices heard. Lisa does this through content including articles in top business publications, podcasts, TEDx, and local schools.

Thank you to Lisa Song Sutton for making her voice heard and getting involved. And thank you for taking the time to listen to this episode titled, “Empowering Women with Lisa Song Sutton.”

Headlines: Empowering Women with Lisa Song Sutton| EP Podcast

Battling the Nerves of Putting Yourself Out There

Mentally Moving Past Negative Experiences

Lisa’s Experience and Lessons from Running for Congress

What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur

Why is it Important to Create Content?

Making a Difference Through Your Platform

Being the Only Woman in the Room

What is on the Horizon for Lisa Song Sutton

Getting Out Of the Day-to-Day as a Business Owner

Getting Involved in Your Community


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