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Michael Brody-Waite | Surrender the Outcome | EP Podcast

EP128 | Surrender the Outcome with Michael Brody-Waite

You are not alone. Michael Brody-Waite joins us on this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives to discuss lifting each other up, his story of addiction, and the path to a mask-free life–which, by the way, has nothing to do with the pandemic.

Michael lives by three principles on his path to a mask-free life; practice rigorous authenticity, surrender the outcome, and do the uncomfortable work. He discusses how these principles have changed everything for him in his life.

The surrender the outcome line is an incredible phrase and it is having a profound impact on me personally and professionally. That’s why I wanted to highlight that line in the title, in these notes, and on the episode.

Michael’s perspective, message, and experiences he shares are a gift he provides to entrepreneurs that are in growth and betterment mode. We are honored that the inspirational leader, Michael Brody-Waite, joined us on this podcast titled, “Surrender the Outcome with Michael Brody-Waite”.

Check out Michael’s book: “Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts“.


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