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Jill Salzman | Mom Entrepreneurs Are the Best | EP Podcast by KazSource

EP122 | Mom Entrepreneurs Are the Best with Jill Salzman

Sassy, energetic, brave, fun, and brainstormy (is that a word–it is now!) all wrapped up into this one and only episode with Jill Salzman! Jill is the founder and leader of The Founding Moms and host of the new hit podcast, “Why Are We Shouting?”.

Jill is also a speaker, author, and innovator. Her organization, The Founding Moms, is the world’s first and only collection of masterminds and resources for mom entrepreneurs–it’s all about connecting and learning from one another. They help moms get down to business. Jill Salzman has been featured by CNN, MSN, The New York Times, and of course her TEDx Talk, “Why Moms Make the Best Entrepreneurs” is an absolute must-watch.

What an opportunity it was to chat with the incredible Jill Salzman. This was such a fun conversation. Jill inspires by doing. And I’m here for all of her stories (and hopefully you are too). Seriously, she’s awesome. Be sure to check her out at 

Jill is an inspiration to mom entrepreneurs all over the world and we truly enjoyed everything about this episode titled, “Mom Entrepreneurs Are the Best with Jill Salzman”


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