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Chimdi Chekwa | Ohio State Buckeyes to NFL to Entrepreneurship | Entrepreneur Perspectives

EP091 | Ohio State Buckeyes to NFL to Entrepreneurship with Chimdi Chekwa

An Ohio State Buckeye tells his story of college football, the NFL, and transitioning to entrepreneurship. Chimdi Chekwa, the All-American cornerback, shares stories about Jim Tressel, the Buckeye football culture, growing up in college, and what it’s like being a player for the Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins, and New England Patriots. All the while he is sharing lessons to apply to his business career–and yours.


A little bit about our guest:

Chimdi is a former Ohio State Buckeyes football player and current entrepreneur as co-owner of The Pit BBQ Grille in Columbus, Ohio. 

As an Ohio State Buckeye, Chimdi was a first-team All-American cornerback. After graduating from The Ohio State University, Chimdi was drafted in the 4th round by the Oakland Raiders in the 2011 NFL Draft.  

Chimdi reveals his passion for sports and entrepreneurship in this chat.

Chimdi’s examples of confidence and growth were on full display in this episode. His incredible mindset and drive to succeed have us so excited to feature him on this podcast. And as a lifelong Buckeye, it was an absolute privilege to chat with Chimdi Chekwa


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