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Perspectives from a Boutique Search Firm Leader: Gino Trapani | EP Podcast

EP053: Perspectives from a Boutique Search Firm Leader with Gino Trapani

Getting to the heart of business–building relationships. Eric welcomes boutique search firm leader, Gino Trapani to this podcast episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. In this episode, we discuss SportsEpreneur, business relationships, and the Seattle Seahawks. 

Gino is the founder of Trapani & Associates. He is an executive search and recruiting professional helping companies find great talent and improving talent acquisition strategy, process and execution. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife, kids, and dog.  

Gino’s experience is unique in that he has executed the search and recruitment discipline within three key areas: Agency, Corporate, and Professional Services. He has worked for companies and served clients ranging from startups and boutiques to mid-market and Fortune100 enterprises across a number of industries. 

With Gino’s compelling stories from the business world to his love for sports, you can imagine our excitement to have Gino on this podcast. 

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