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Entrepreneur Perspectives on Loving the Game from a Division 1 College Basketball Coach with Alan Major

EP038: Perspectives on Loving the Game with College Basketball Coach Alan Major

Former Ohio State Buckeyes college basketball coach leads, inspires, and story-tells. Our guest today is Alan Major. Alan is a college basketball coach, speaker, and author. Alan has coached at UNC Charlotte, The Ohio State University, Xavier University, University of the Pacific, and California Lutheran University. Coach Major currently lives in Indianapolis and is seeking a new coaching gig.  

Alan Major, a veteran leader both on and off the court, has played a key role in successful programs for over two decades. His philosophy is based on empowerment, professionalism, and motivation, and he has helped shape scores of young men and colleagues alike toward personal and collective victories. 

Whether as a coach, a speaker or a leader, one thing remains unchanged: his relentless drive and clarity of vision. With Alan’s experience on the court, he loves sharing his story, journey, and life lessons from the game of basketball. 

Watch the video of one of the stories Coach Alan Major tells on the podcast:

Gus Johnson on the call as Ohio State hits a game winning 3-pointer to upset number one ranked and undefeated Illinois in the year 2005. Coach Alan Major was an assistant coach at Ohio State at the same. This was the foundation of future success for the Ohio State basketball program. And now read the story about how that one shot changed everything (by Eleven Warriors).

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Key Takeaways from this episode with Alan Major:

  • “Be in great culture”
  • “Can’t legislate honesty”
  • “Pro Bono work creates opportunities”
  • “Step back and refresh yourself”
  • “Max Out: Become the best version of yourself”

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