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Rudy Redmond

EP006: Perspectives of an Efficiency Specialist with Rudy Redmond

How taking the gym with you can create balance in work and in fitness. Eric welcomes, Rudy Redmond, Insurance Coordinator at Abiding Wealth Advisors and a Business Development Associate at KazSource, Inc. In this episode they talk about taking the gym with you, perspectives on changing jobs, and Big 10 Football.

Rudy is a “balanced” individual and he talks about that in this transparent interview. For the business owner, learning how to remain balanced yet committed to all your passions is critical to your success and enjoyment. Rudy shares his stories of hoisting the Stanley Cup at the bar he met his wife, his feelings on youth sports, and his work in the creation of knowledge centers within businesses.

Eric also questions Rudy on what he has learned from running track at Michigan, to training athletes today, to managing efficiencies within a fortune 100 company and small businesses. As always, Eric fires shots at his guest about email marketing, favorite social media apps, and of course Super Bowl predictions. The show is based around the perspectives of an entrepreneur. And this entrepreneur is full of truth and balance.


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