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EP036: Perspectives of an Event Planner with Tonya Terry

EP036: Perspectives of an Event Planner with Tonya Terry

Planning for business and planning for events. Our guest today is Tonya Terry. Tonya is the owner of Tonya Nicole Event Planning, BalloonZ, and co-owner of Two The Tee Party Planning. Tonya currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and is the mother of three young children.

Tonya brings incredible experience in the event planning world. Any entrepreneur can learn from Tonya as she is running (and balancing) three businesses and is growing them all. The perspectives from Tonya on aligning her many businesses are now perspectives you as the business owner and entrepreneur can use for yourself.

You will hear Tonya and Eric discuss these 5 topics – running multiple businesses, social media for event planners, partnering with a 4-year-old, pleasing your clients, and the ultimate party.

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