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EP037: Perspectives on Facebook Privacy with Eric Kasimov and John Priore

Confronting the Facebook privacy breach that shook the social media world.

We are back with a March Madness episode today. And with the theme of 3 pointers in college basketball, we are going to stick to 3 topics for this freestyle episode. We will take on conversation topics that we have been having this past week. We bring these conversations to you as we believe they can help any business owner or entrepreneur 

In this episode, we discuss Facebook privacy, Snapchat as a communication tool, and John’s crazy college/work life. 

John joins Eric live from Western Carolina University. 

0:50: Facebook privacy leak and what you can do about it. 

12:04: Using Snapchat as a way to communicate internally 

23:25: John’s story about working while in college 

And with the rush to get John to class, let’s get right into this episode… 

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Music, “Here for the Win” provided by Songwriter Jess

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