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Perspectives from a Football Tailgating Expert: John Mikulec | EP Podcast

EP054: Perspectives of a Football Tailgating Expert with John Mikulec

Planning the ultimate football tailgate experience. Eric welcomes football tailgating expert, John Mikulec to this podcast episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. In this episode, we discuss how sports bring people togetherunderstanding your market, and throwing the perfect tailgate. 

John is the co-founder of Gameday Hospitality. Gameday Hospitality is the Ultimate Source for Sports Hospitality Services including Tailgate Experiences and much more.  

John looks to improve hospitality experiences at sports events around the country. John currently lives in Richmond, Virginia. He spends most of the year hustling and traveling to events, especially during the football season.  

With John’s compelling stories from the sports world to his love of the hustle, you can imagine our excitement to have John on this podcast. 

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