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EP003: Perspectives of a Hardworking College Student with John Priore

Learn how to use social media to win your next job or client. Eric welcomes John Priore, an intern at KazSource, Inc and a college student at Western Carolina for an episode where they talk about interning, perspectives of a college student, and the tanking of the New York Jets! For the business owner, this episode will provide advice on how to hire your next key person. For the job-seeker, follow along as John and his current boss talk about how you can score a job in a non-traditional way and put yourself ahead of your peers.

Eric also questions John on the millennial generation, the current state of marketing and the education system that John is a part of. As always, Eric fires shots at his guest about email marketing, favorite social media apps, and of course Super Bowl predictions. The show is based around the perspectives of an entrepreneur. And this entrepreneur is full of drive and passion.


Music, “Here for the Win” provided by SongwriterJess

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