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Perspectives of a Head Coach at SwimMAC Carolina: Terry Fritch | EP

EP065: Perspectives of the Head Coach at SwimMAC Carolina with Terry Fritch

Building the right team with your staff and your clientele. Our guest today is Terry Fritch, Head Coach at SwimMAC Carolina.   

In this episode, we discuss youth sports, leadership, and USA Swimming. 

SwimMAC Carolina is a nonprofit organization that offers swimming programs for people of all ages and experience levels. They provide aquatic instruction and training for nearly 10,000 people in the Charlotte region each year. SwimMac is also a nationally ranked competitive swim club in the Charlotte, NC area that focuses on all four strokes, skill progression, and long-term development of their swimmers.

Terry joined us in our KazSource office and brought an energy and smile that is obvious when you hear this episode. We enjoy having positive vibe leaders like Terry at our office. His stories and expertise about coaching and swimming had us ready to jump into our next project. And now we are excited to share his and SwimMac Carolina’s story with you.

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