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Perspectives on Sales Activity with Mitch Long

EP012: Perspectives on the Long Term Care Market with Mitch Long

The what, how, and who of the Long Term Market. In this special episode we bring back a previous guest, Mitch Long to discuss the ever-confusing Long Term Care (LTC) market. Mitch was featured on a recent radio show with Bracken Financial and Insurance and in it he delivered some amazing insights into the Long Term Care market. Mitch is a recognized speaker and top producer in the insurance industry. More than that, he is someone who cares deeply for his clients and he implements Long Term Care strategies while also seeing his work through by involving himself in the claims process.

In this episode, Mitch discusses the following LTC topics:

1:34- What is Available for LTC

4:38- Government LTC

9:15- Benefits of LTC

10:53- What Age Should You Consider LTC

14:58- Women vs Men for LTC

16:17- Newer LTC Products

Mitch’s insights into the Long Term Care market will be valuable for business owners and families. Also, advisors in the financial planning and insurance consulting arena will find this incredibly useful.

The perspectives Mitch brings on this episode are now perspectives you as the business owner, entrepreneur, family member, or advisor can use for yourself or for your business.

The show is based around the perspectives of an entrepreneur. And this entrepreneur provides specifics and insights into the complicated Long Term Care market.


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