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What can podcasting teach us? We made it to episode number 50 of Entrepreneur Perspectives!

We are grateful for everyone that listened to any minute of our podcast. We appreciate all the feedback, all the love, all the reviews, all interviewees. When we started this podcast journey, we knew we wanted it to last and we had plans for it to do that, but it wasn’t easy. And our listeners got us here. So thank you! 

In this episode, we discuss producing content, words to live by, and episode number 50!! 

We are going to touch on 5 topics for this 50th episode! 

1:10 | Learning from podcasting 

6:12 | The positives we have taken from this journey 

15:11 | The outlook for Entrepreneur Perspectives 

19:08 | What else we love about podcasts 

23:33 | Helping those that want to get into podcasts  

Thank you again for giving us your ear. We hope you enjoy our podcast. And because of the positives around it all, we aren’t going anywhere. But we will continue to refine what we do. Cause, after all, isn’t that what entrepreneurs do? 

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Key takeaways from this podcast episode: 

  • “Practice makes permanent” – Spencer Smith
  • “No one can pay you enough money to do a job you don’t love” – Cynthia Kay
  • “You have to be able to execute on the commitments” – James Pagano
  • “Don’t over complicate it” – James Pagano
  • “The person you become is determined by the books you read and the people you surround yourself with” – Brady Murray

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Thank you so much for listening to this podcast, “Perspectives From Our First 50 Episodes.”


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