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Perspectives on the Professional Baseball Journey with Harvey Hargrove

EP049: Perspectives on the Professional Baseball Journey with Harvey Hargrove

Figuring out what you were meant to do. Eric welcomes Harvey Hargrove to this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. In this episode, they discuss, professional baseball, mentoring youth athletesand creating content that gives.

Harvey Hargrove (aka Harv) is a former professional baseball player and current coach for Best Speed Baseball in Sacramento California.

Harv went to Sacramento State University and was drafted by the Seattle Mariners in the 1997 MLB Draft. He played for multiple minor league baseball teams in the Mariner’s organization. After some time, he decided to transition into coaching and give back to the game of baseball. 

You can find Coach Harv on the field these days, mentoring youth athletes and leading them to follow their own dreams. From helping kids improve their performance on the field to helping their mindset while playing, Coach Harv has a major impact on these kid’s baseball lives.

With Harv’s great story and experience, we are super excited to have him on the podcast.

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