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Entrepreneur Perspectives On Promotional Advertising: Nikki Craig

EP040: Perspectives on Promotional Advertising with Nikki Craig

If you leave a lasting impression, your brand is working for you. Our guest today is Nikki Craig. Nikki is the owner of LAMP, which stands for Leave a Mark Promotions – which is a Brand Partner of Geiger. Geiger is the industries largest promotional advertising agency. LAMP helps you find a cost-effective way to market and promote your business with custom promotional items that speak to your customers and clients. With the number of companies they work with, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. And Nikki supports you every step of the way.

Nikki currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia and has 6 kids. And is a huge Auburn Tiger fan.

In this episode they discuss promotional advertising, caregiving, and being an immigrant.

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Music, “Here for the Win” provided by Songwriter Jess

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  • “Leave a mark wherever you go.”

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