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David Yoder

EP015: Perspectives of an RIA Managing Partner with David Yoder

Build trusted relationships to build your business. Eric welcomes David Yoder to this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. In this episode they talk about relating to people, F3, and Coach K.

David Yoder is a Managing Parter at Abiding Wealth Advisors where he functions as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that immerses himself into the needs of his clients. David lives in Pinehurst, North Carolina with his wife and three kids. Besides being an avid Duke Blue Devils’ fan, he brings perspective of a financial services business owner who understands how to connect with people and build long lasting relationships. David’s activity and reasons behind how and why he does what he does will help any business owner or entrepreneur.

Eric also questions David on disruption in the financial service industry, the recent college basketball scandals, and marketing today compared to 10 years ago. As always, Eric fires shots at his guest about the books he is reading, his most important phone apps, and of course his Super Bowl prediction.

The show is based around the perspectives of an entrepreneur and this entrepreneur is full of kindness and respect.


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